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General disclaimer

This information is intended for entertainment and educational purposes to form part of your study of technical analysis methods. All content used in our Services is for entertainment and educational purposes only and does not represent a recommendation, trading advice or investment advice.

Before making a trading or investment decision, you should consider with or without the assistance of a financial or professional advisor whether that decision is appropriate for you. The writer(s) may have an open position or positions in markets discussed during this content.

Any views and opinions expressed on our social media channels, and electronic communication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of us.

Any content provided by our content creators, bloggers or authors is of their opinion and is not to be construed as financial advice, professional advice or anything other than educational and informational content.

For educational and informational purposes only

The information contained in our Services is for educational and informational purposes only. Neither we nor our representatives are financial advisors, and none of the content provided on the Websites, our social media channels, videos and electronic communication constitutes anything other than content solely for educational and informational purposes.

Not financial advice

The information contained in our Services, including our social media, videos and communication channels and the resources available through our subscription services, are not intended as, and should not be understood as, financial advice. From time-to-time examples may be presented for you to assess and analyse, this does not mean it is a trade recommendation, and the author and publisher carry no responsibility for your actions.

We do not hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) and our content is not intended for consumption by Australian residents or citizens. Our content is not meant to, and should not be used to, influence you or any other person to make any financial or investment decisions.

The information provided does not take into account your personal circumstances, investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any individual, group of individuals or company. It is not a substitute for professional financial advice, and you should not rely on it to make any financial decisions. This includes, but is not limited to, any of our content shared through the following means:

a) TIA Crypto subscription-based services;

b) any and all social media channels (ie. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, etc.);

c) videos; and

d) any and all electronic communications, such as e-mail or online conversations and groups.

Not professional advice

The information contained in our Services, including our social media, videos and communication channels and the resources available through our subscription services, are not intended as, and should not be understood as, professional advice.

Nothing within our Services, on social media channels, electronic communication or subscription services should be interpreted as a recommendation to avoid consulting a professional for your particular needs. We explicitly advise you to seek professional advice. This professional advice may constitute consultations from tax specialists, accredited financial advisors, or qualified legal professionals. You agree it is your responsibility to find and consult the appropriate professionals for your particular circumstances.

No professional client relationship

Your use of our Services, including but not limited to the implementation of any educational tools or theories provided in our videos, subscription services, social media channels, electronic communications and the use of any resources available, does not establish a professional-client relationship between you and us or any of our professionals.

No guarantees

Past results and earnings communicated through our informational and educational content on our social media channels, videos, subscription services and electronic communications do not guarantee positive future results and earnings.

The value of any investment and the income derived from it can go down as well as up. Never invest more than you can afford to lose and keep in mind the ultimate risk is that you can lose more than whatever you have invested due to leverage or unforeseen circumstances. While useful for detecting patterns, the past is not a guide to future performance.

You understand and recognise that the principles and methods learned through our social media channels, videos, electronic communications and subscription services do not guarantee that you will obtain similar results.

Some figures contained in our Services are forecasts and may not be a reliable indicator of future results. Investments in local or foreign assets involve risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Specifically, changes in the rates of exchange between currencies may cause a divergence between your nominal gain and your currency-converted gain, making it possible to lose money once your total return is adjusted for currency.

Earnings and Performance

Occasionally, we may share success stories of our current or former clients/customers. These accounts are accurately represented by the customers themselves. You acknowledge that the success of others does not guarantee your own success.

As with any business, your results may vary and will depend on your individual capacity, business experience, finances, expertise, and level of motivation. There are no guarantees regarding the level of success you may achieve.

There is no assurance that you will earn any income at all, and you accept that earnings and income statements differ from person to person. Each individual’s success depends on their background, dedication, desire, motivation and a variety of other factors we cannot adequately assess.

Forward-looking statements

Certain statements on our Website and in our Services may constitute forward-looking statements. These statements are based on current expectations, estimates, projections, and assumptions about future events and trends that may affect our business or industry. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties that are difficult to predict.

Errors and Omissions

We have made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information provided through our communication channels (social media, subscription services, electronic communication, videos, etc.), but we cannot guarantee it is free from errors.

You acknowledge that the information on our social media channels, videos, subscription services and electronic communications may contain inaccuracies and agree to verify any information obtained from them and our resources before taking any action.

By using our Services and/or our communication and social media channels or videos, you expressly agree not to rely solely on the information provided herein.

Affiliate links

Occasionally, we engage in affiliate marketing and may include affiliate links on some of our website pages, videos, social media channels and electronic communications. This means we may earn compensation if you click on or make purchases through these links.

Compensation from affiliate links may be in the form of money, services, products, discounts, or special access and could exist without any action from a viewer or consumer.

Should you purchase a product or service that was linked on our social media channels, electronic communication or material provided through the purchased subscription services, it is understood that some form of compensation may be made to us by the owners of that product or service.

You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to determine if any affiliate offers are suitable for you and will be beneficial to you.

You agree not to rely solely on any recommendation, reference, or information provided by us, and will conduct your own investigation and base your decision on your findings regarding the affiliate product or service.

No endorsements

Occasionally, we will mention other products, services, coaches, consultants, and/or experts. These references are not endorsements or assurances of the accuracy of the information provided by these parties. The inclusion of any of these references services does not imply endorsement by us.

It is your responsibility to conduct your own investigation and make your own assessment of any such product, service, coach, consultant, and/or expert.

References to other products, services, tools, coaches, consultants, and/or experts are provided for your educational and informational use only. We have no control over the content, policies, or practices of these persons or offerings and accept no responsibility for them.


Futures, Options, Stocks, Shares, Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrency, Contracts for difference (CFD’s), Property investing and other trading and investing of any nature investing may offer substantial potential rewards, but it also carries significant risks.

The use of leverage can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. You must understand and be willing to accept the risks associated with trading in these assets to participate in these markets. Your engagement with investing or trading is at your own risk.

Futures, Options, Stocks, Shares, Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrency, Contracts for difference (CFD’s), Property investing and other trading and investing of any nature trading involves a considerable risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Avoid trading with borrowed funds or funds you cannot afford to lose.

User’s personal responsibility

You are encouraged to conduct your own research and consult with a licensed financial advisor or other appropriate and accredited professionals before making any financial decisions. We will not be held liable for any financial loss or damages resulting from your reliance on the information provided on our website, service offerings, social media accounts, videos and electronic communications.

You agree to exercise cautious judgment and conduct thorough research before taking any action or implementing any strategies, methods or tools suggested or recommended on our social media accounts, videos, subscription services and electronic communications.

Changes to disclaimers

We reserve the right to amend this disclaimer at any time. Any changes will be posted on this page, and we encourage you to review it periodically to stay informed about our practices.

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