The Investor Accelerator

YouTube's Premium Crypto Investing
And Financial Education Channel

The Investor Accelerator

YouTube's Premium Crypto Investing And Financial Education Channel

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What We're About

I’m Jason Pizzino, your Investor Accelerator. I started the investing, cryptocurrency and personal finance focused education business under my name “Jason Pizzino” several years ago which now broadcasts to over 230,000 subscribers across all social platforms. 

Using my accumulated knowledge over the last 15 years, trading in the stock markets, commodity markets, cryptocurrency, real estate investing and economic market cycles, I help exceptional people, like you, grow their financial knowledge to become successful, independent investors, and regain their most valuable asset back; time.

What is TIA Premium Membership?

...and what will I learn?

The Investor Accelerator Course will bring you up to speed with Technical Analysis, getting you started on the right foot. You will learn, from the ground up, how to get set-up with TradingView, create routines, watchlists, habits and signals (as well as much more) which will focus your attention in the right direction.

We create new courses expanding on the foundational lessons all of which will have you thinking and acting like an investor for long-term success in the markets.

Step 1

Learn the Basics of Investing. Complete the foundation “Timeless Skills For Long-Term Success” course

Step 2

Get active in the Private members group sharing ideas and learning from others

Step 3

Study the additional education modules that go deeper on investing topics

Step 4

Tune into the weekly streams that will keep you up to date with the economy

Step 5

Take part in the Monthly Live Stream Lessons & Q&A’s that dive deep into all things Wealth, Analysis, Business, Technical Analysis, Cycles and more!

Step 6

Create your investment plan for any and every asset class & Profit from the fastest growing asset class in human history as a successful investor.

Our reviews

Jason and Michael have brought an inciteful calmness to my thinking while keeping an itchy finger off the mouse when hovering over the buy or sell buttons. Many thanks! Love the clear information without any hype.

John - TIA Lite

Takes the power and ‘voodoo’ of Technical Analysis, traditionally harboured by the ‘smart money’, and delivers that power squarely into the hands of the retail investor – clearly, succinctly, simply, directly.

Carolyn - TIA Premium

I would recommend the TIA membership to anyone wanting to enter crypto or share trading as it takes away all the noise, fluff and promises you hear out there. It allows you to recognise and avoid common traps that ultimately cost profits.

Warren - Australia

I think it is the best investment that I did this year. The courses and livestreams are very valuable. I am a beginner in TA and I understood everything very easily.

Olga - Netherlands