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This Membership is for Investors wanting to:

  • Safeguard Their Assets from the 230-Year Economic Cycle
  • Prevent Loss of Time and Money from Inflation Risks
  • Profit from Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin
  • Keep More of Their Profits
  • Manage Their Money More Efficiently
  • Master Their Emotions with Money
  • Become Wiser with Their Investment Decision
  • Build Habits for Long-Term Success
  • Structure Their Time
  • Improve Their Focus
  • Develop Critical Mindset Habits to Master the Financial Markets
  • Create Practical Strategies to Build Financial Independence Through Investing


Accelerate Your Knowledge

This course is perfect for beginners and intermediate investors and covers the core foundations of profitable investing which is also a great refresher for those with investing experience.

Warning: This is NOT a get rich quick course!

We focus on stress-free, long-term investing and a simple trading methodology. Our analysis draws from the knowledge of legendary traders W.D. Gann and Richard D. Wyckoff which we use to formulate timeless trading strategies that we share with our members.

Using over 100 years of data, the trading and investing theories we teach of Gann and Wyckoff really leave no stone unturned and provide the new and experienced investor with ample knowledge to make a success in the tough market environment.

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Money Back Guarantees

* TIA Lite Monthly Membership
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Benefits & Inclusions

Money Back Guarantees

** TIA Premium Annual Membership
Request refund within 48 hours, no questions asked.

Our reviews

Jason and Michael have brought an inciteful calmness to my thinking while keeping an itchy finger off the mouse when hovering over the buy or sell buttons. Many thanks! Love the clear information without any hype.

John - TIA Lite

Takes the power and ‘voodoo’ of Technical Analysis, traditionally harboured by the ‘smart money’, and delivers that power squarely into the hands of the retail investor – clearly, succinctly, simply, directly.

Carolyn - TIA Premium

I would recommend the TIA membership to anyone wanting to enter crypto or share trading as it takes away all the noise, fluff and promises you hear out there. It allows you to recognise and avoid common traps that ultimately cost profits.

Warren - Australia

I think it is the best investment that I did this year. The courses and livestreams are very valuable. I am a beginner in TA and I understood everything very easily.

Olga - Netherlands